This house sits in the luxurious Pinnock Beach Estate in Lekki, Lagos State. Little wonder why the solar panels forms part of the ecstatics of the house. At the design stage we were contracted for this job and we followed up from there. The original design was a single phase 10kva inverter system with the 10.8kw solar. As the building went on naturally there were many changes in the design and we eventually had to upgrade to 18kw (6kw 3phase) inverter system and increase the battery bank from 48V 1220ah to 48v 2440ah. This house runs up to 10kW load as you can see in one of the pictures showing the remote readings. There is an upgrade plan on the way as the solar power wasn’t upgraded when the rest of the units were. The whole system is made up of the world class products. – 36pcs of 300W mono Yingli Panels – 48pcs of 2v 1220Ah Hoppecke OPzS battery – 3 units of 6kw SMA Sunny Island 8.0H world best Battery Inverter – 11kw SMA Sunny Mini Central 11000TL PV Inverter We also installed a 200L Himin solar water heater for the house. The system is designed to switch to generator should the load demands more power or battery state of charge reduces to a particular threshold or draws the remaining power from the grid if available.

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