This beautiful edifies adorns a busy street in Ewet Housing Estate, the state housing estate in Uyo, not only with it’s exquisite design but with it’s constant power. The neighbours and passerby often wonder why the decorative fence and security lights are always on every evening on time whether they hear the sound of genset or not as everyone knows that power from the grid is an essential commodity in that part of the world. This is the demystifier- PBASE Solar power system. The 12units of Class A 350watts mono solar panels with Premium quality L16 US Battery system is responsible for the mystery. The solar panels are not very visible to the public from the south-west wing of the roof but they are there anyway. System Composition: – 12pcs of 350w Solar panels – 5kW Inverter – 8pcs of US Battery L16 – 80A Solar charge controller

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